Tuesday, December 18, 2012


"I may end up dying a pauper but at least I would not have lived on compromising on my principles."

Those are not words of wisdom you will find googling on the Internet but words that I used on a very senior personality in Malaysian Sports who had attempted to get me to stop highlighting the corrupt practices that the sporting society in our country is so accustomed too.

It has been a roller coaster ride for the past three weeks, both on a personal and professional front and at times I do pray that the Mayan prophecy will come true and the world does come to an end on December 21.

Well for me personally it has ended though, for the ultimate insult by the FOUR MHC officials who had no shame, character and respect by belittling my brother in his time of mourning. 

The fact that one was a women, who showed scant respect for a mother who lost her children made me realize to what extent people will stoop, even neglect the fundamental thought of maternal instinct.

Yes,these people, with leadership of a tainted one, who stoops low to create clicks, have gone all out to ensure that I am deprived of contributing towards the sport I love. 

They have gone to extents of coercing, threatening, and above all will stoop so low as putting sand in the rice bowl of others, so that they can protect their positions. These are individuals that are bent on letting hockey serve their interests and more importantly remain incompetent at the expense of true hockey lovers.

If they can do half a job they claim they are capable off, then hockey would have prospered by now, but what they have done is create issues after issues so much so that sponsors shy away from the sport.

Then you have others who merely use individuals who truly care for the sport to get their agendas fulfilled, no shame whatsoever to lay claim to good deeds as if it was their ideas to start with.

Fakers are norm in sports, but when there are some that pocket money from hockey to ensure that heir top notch lifestyle is to affected, then it's time to get worried as to where we are heading. 

Getting cheques made payable to their personal accounts is akin to a criminal breach of trust but this indeed is the final straw.

But alas if my detractors think I am giving up on writing on hockey and highlighting their abuses and weakness, they ought to think again for now I have more time to to highlight their discrepancies, more time to write about their abuses, and since they did not spare my family, I will not stoop so low even though some have used their positions to get relatives gainfully employed.

Before you readers think that I am being vengeful, picture the look of a mother to be who lost her twins, picture two aged people who cannot live their twilight years in peace. I intend to prevail, writing about truth and justice, nevermind how difficult things are.

Ride your luck, continue to do what you want without remorse, for I will be watching you....