Wednesday, December 12, 2012


When incompetent persons head something, it is bound to invite inadequacies as they are carrying out responsibilities entrusted to them with an hidden agenda.

Just take a look at the appointment schedule for the Under 16 and one could understand the haphazard manner in which the tournament is being organised, so much for the ability of some personalities who tend to undermine honest people, even to the extent of making false allegations when there are deaths in the family.

Suchj low esteemed personalities cannot even get a sufficient number of Umpires and Technical Officials for the tournament as one Technical Official is appointed for three matches in one day while some umpires have to officiate two matches.

So where are the Technical Officials and Umpires? Why not import them from across the causeway and do your friends a favour? As for Technical Officials, just two appointed to do five matches in one day?

Wonder what happened to the subsidy of RM3,000 promised to the teams, something that even MHC Senior Vice President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad was unaware of.

"Who approved the subsidy of RM3,000? I need to check on this matter with the Competitions Chairman. Maybe the sponsors have pledged the amount," was what Azmi told this blog on Sunday when asked about the subsidy.

It is interesting to note as well tha in the Penang v Selangor match, an umpire awarded a goal but play was then stopped by the Technical Official on duty, ironically from Selangor, and upon chatting with the umpire the goal was reversed.

Wonder if the MHC website administrator will actually report on this matter and even write match reports, rather then just put up scores. Its the ability to write that matters as you do not need to be a professor and insult death of still born babies to show how "cute": you are.