Sunday, December 23, 2012


Looks like the great B. Muthukumar has now taken the personal battle against this blogger beyond our shores and uses his position as Tournament Director to issue threats against officials against providing information for the AHF Champions Trophy in Doha.

This personality, who has done little for Malaysian Hockey, despite being given a position as Chairman of the Umpires Board, has questioned officials in Doha as to who provided this blog a copy of the match sheet after the Malaysia v Oman match.

Obviously he is not aware what is right and wrong and unable to comprehend that hockey is suffering in Asia due to lack of publicity.

Even FIH puts up match sheets at the end of the matches, and that is something that the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup and Sultan Johor Cup websites have being doing regularly.

Even in our own Malaysian Hockey League the match sheets are uploaded onto the website.

So what's the big deal Muthu?

The Asian Hockey Federation bulletins at times request for pictures from this blog and we have assisted them. But with such a conduct from their appointed official, a notification to Tan Sri P.Alagendra to voice our concern has been dispatched.

This goes on to show the level of maturity of an individual that cannot carry out his responsibilities without fear or favour and further enhances our concern on certain individuals within MHC that have taken the sport to disrepute.

I now leave it to the wisdom of FIH Board members HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah and Asian Representative HRH Sultan Azlan Shah to look into this matter where information is being provided to selective persons by Muthu.

Readers do not fret, we shall continue to provide news on Malaysian Hockey and regard the efforts of Muthu as a mere fly in the soup.