Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The MHC Coaching Committee, was once an all powerful committee, entrusted with the selection of coaches to the various national teams, evaluate coaching reports, preparing coaching curriculum and more importantly providing coaches an opportunity to further enhance their coaching knowledge.

But of late it has been reduced to a committee whose powers of evaluating reports usurped by the Team Management Committee and its powers to appoint overtaken by power hungry officials within the greater MHC.

This Saturday the committee meets and if the Chairman Manjit Majid Abdullah has any sense, he will sort out the following issues-

1) The position of Tai Beng Hai. What is his role and designation given the fact that his contract comes to an end on December 31?

2) Evaluate and discuss the coaches report from the women's national team that played in the World League, Lanco Super Series, the Project 2013 squad to the Sultan Johor Cup, the national team that played in the Champions Challenge.

3) Seek answer and the report of coach I.Vikneswaran as to who appointed him to coach the women's team to the AHF Indoor Championship? Was this a one person decision and who authorized that person to act as selector as well.

4) Determine the position of Lim Chiow Chuan if he is to remain as 2017 coach or Project Director.

5) Address the issue on the syllabus for all 3 Levels of Coaching and why no Level 3 courses have been held.

Manjit needs to take the bull by its horn, and not allow the pensioner who goes around belittling those in mourning from continuing to take MHC to newer depths in administrative ability.

Manjit stands accused of being the favorite son of the MHC President and can dispel this notion by making hard decisions that might not please some but help hockey survive turbulent times no thanks to the Gang of Four that wreck havoc.

Many are afraid of their own shadows and above all feel the chair of power they sit on slowly sinking.

But TRUTH is what we are after as we expose the wrongs towards the betterment of Malaysian Hockey, a sport we all care and cherish.